My Favourite Knife…

There are so many great Flint & Flame knives to choose from, but nearly everyone we talk to has one real favourite – that very special knife they simply cannot do without.

When we asked the Flint & Flame Team what their favourite knife was, we got some fascinating answers…

Susie Marshall, Sales & Marketing – 8″ Santoku Knife

“I love my 8” Santoku because not only does it look hugely impressive (thus giving the false impression I’m a bit of a professional in the kitchen) but it also means I can eat foods such as swede again. 

I’d previously given up on buying swede as trying to get a knife through it seemed like a form of torture, now it’s a breeze as my 8” Santoku does all the hard work for me.”  

Steve Mould, Co-founder – 6″ Boning Knife

“With the warm weather upon us
I either host or attend BBQs and often buy the meat on the bone.

The 6″ boning knife is perfect for meat work, it’s also a hybrid of a paring knife, utility knife and vegetable knife. 

Consequently, it’s ideal for veg prep and as a general purpose knife and it also comes with a protective sheath. The boning knife is so much more than a boning knife!”

Peter Guimaraens, Co-founder 10″ Ham Slicer

“Slicing any type of meat is made so easy with this knife. It’s perfectly balanced making it comfortable to use and simple to get nice even cuts of meat.  

Just use a slow action, utilising the full length of the blade and the ultra sharp steel will slice through your meat effortlessly. The perfect knife in my book!”

Julie Martin, Office Manager – 6″ Santoku Knife

“My favourite knife is the 6” Santoku – I use it for all meal preparation.  

From slicing and trimming meat; slicing and chopping vegetables and salad to finely chopping garlic and chilli, it’s just so good I use it in virtually all of my recipes!” 

Simon Marshall, Sales Manager – 8″ Chef Knife

“The 8” chef’s knife is my go-to knife and as a chef I’ve used it for my whole career.

It’s so versatile, it’s got a lovely deep blade so it’s lovely and smooth for the rock and it’s got a nice sharp point, which is perfect for scoring things.

 This knife is ideal for crushing, for picking things up. You can chop, slice and dice with it. The holy grail for every kitchen in my mind.”

Ian Mabbutt, Sales Support – 7″ Asian Cleaver 

“I love the 7” Asian cleaver because the curve of the blade is great for the rocking motion when chopping and mincing garlic and herbs.  

The extra depth of the blade is great to scoop it all up too.” 

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