Q. Why are you called Flint & Flame?
A. It’s all to do with us as the human race. The singular most important development in our evolution was when we learnt to cook food. Fire was first created by the tapping together of two flints which created a spark and ignited a flame. So when you think about it, the very first meal ever cooked anywhere by anyone was as a consequence of a flint and a flame coming together.

Q. Having bought a knife at a show, can I buy more at the same discounted prices?
A. Having been entered onto the Flint & Flame database you will always qualify for ‘Gold Customer’ Pricing. We will upgrade your website account so you will receive the discounted pricing whenever you shop online.The best prices will always be available at a show, but you can get up to 40% discount off online purchases.

Q. My friends love my knives, can they get discount too?
A. Your friends are very lucky. If you order as an existing customer then they can benefit from your discounts. They will then qualify for the discounts. You will also receive credit for bringing new customers to the business.

Q. How do I look after and care for my knives?
A. Follow the warranty and web site instructions. Most importantly, always hand wash and immediately hand dry your knives. Never place them in a dishwasher.

Q. Do I need to sharpen my knives?
A. All knives need the edge keeping sharp. We recommend simply using the ceramic hand held sharpener we supply, but most knife sharpeners will work just fine. Remember our knives will not need sharpening as much as cheaper options, you will know when it needs ‘touching up’.

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Flint & Flame 3.5″ Paring Knife
Flint & Flame Handheld Sharpener
Flint & Flame 5″ Utility/Steak Knife
Flint & Flame Waiter’s Friend
Flint & Flame 5″ Cheese Knife

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