Pro Series BBQ Set



If you’re looking for the ultimate BBQ set, then look no further.

The Pro Series BBQ set includes everything you need to prep and serve your BBQ food with ease.

The Pro Series knives all feature the same steel you know and love in our Classic range, combined with a new, high impact silicone handle, ensuring you never lose your grip.

What’s more, they all come with a blade guard for safe storage and for added blade safety.

Here’s what you get in the Pro Series BBQ Set…

  • 12” Ham Slicer – Great for not only slicing ham but steaks, briskets and more.
  • 8” Cleaver – Your go-to for chunking up a chicken or larger piece of meat.
  • 8” Santoku Knife – Will make quick work of all sorts of meat and big veg on the BBQ.
  • 6” Boning Knife – Made for cleaning bones and de-boning chicken.

Please note: Each of the above will be supplied separately boxed.