Flint & Flame 8″ Santoku Knife


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The bigger brother of the 6” Santoku. Being that little bit bigger, it will do a little bit more of the work for you. A better tool suited for your cabbages, swedes and squashes.

Having a longer blade means you saw at your food less, less strokes = less work. A great all-rounder.

It features a wide blade making scooping or crushing a joy. Its bevelled edge prevents food sticking to the blade and hindering your next chop.

What our staff say…

“I love my 8” Santoku because not only does it look hugely impressive (thus giving the false impression I’m a bit of a professional in the kitchen) but it also means I can eat foods such as swede again.

I’d previously given up on buying swede as trying to get a knife through it seemed like a form of torture, now it’s a breeze as my 8″ Santoku does all the hard work for me.”

Susie Marshall, Sales & Marketing