Game Larder Collection


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To support the launch of his book ‘Venison: The Game Larder’, we have worked with Chef Jose Souto to put together the exclusive ‘Game Larder Collection’.

The set comprises of:

3-Inch Folding Knife

The traditional style single blade made of our high carbon stainless steel along with the attractive belt clip, carried for centuries by farmers and countrymen makes a perfect gift for everyone.

3.5-inch Paring Knife

A very useful vegetable knife and a must for every kitchen, being a short blade it is perfectly designed for peeling your potatoes, stringing your runner beans and ideal for tailing your sprouts.

6-inch Chef Knife

A traditional shaped chef knife and a wonderful, versatile knife to have. Chopping, slicing and dicing, it does it all. With its curved blade it’s great for getting that rocking momentum.

6-inch Boning Knife

This knife will save you money, its short and curved making it easy to work round any joint or bone, cutting the meat away cleanly. Buy a whole leg of Lamb and do it yourself, 10 minutes work means more meat for less money.

7-inch Fillet Knife

It’s fine and flexible blade makes it fantastic for gutting and filleting any type of fresh fish. With its flexibility it also gives you leverage to make super fine slices so smoked salmon is no longer a painstaking job.

These all come in an attractive knife roll bag.


A Lovely Wedding Gift

“Hi we would like to say thank you very much for the knives, they look fantastic and will make a lovely wedding gift”
A Happy Customer

Amazing Knives

“I would like to … say that I think the Flint & Flame knives are amazing and whenever I am looking for a new knife you are the first company I consider.”
Jacob from Stroud

Perfect for Dinner Parties

“Just want to say they (Flint & Flame) are the best knives I have ever bought and I have bought a few! I always show them when we have dinner parties. Fantastic knives.”
A Happy Customer

Incredibly Helpful

“I have to say I am incredibly impressed with how helpful you’ve been! The quality of the knives sell themselves but with the professionalism of yourselves I can assure you have a very loyal customer for life! I really appreciate everything you’ve done”
Corey from Hampshire

Exceptional Knives

“Hi Rob, sorry I have taken so long to say this but the knives arrived when you told me and they are exceptional. Thank you very much for all your help. If Flint and Flame ever do “special offers” I would love to know about them.
Ps I’ve already cut my finger when showing people the knives.
A Happy Customer

Recommending to Family and Friends

“I have been extremely pleased with my knives which I first encountered at the food festival in Oxford, and have no hesitation in recommending them to family and friends. Your recent service has enhanced my view of your company even more.”
Andy from Oxford

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