Pro Series 10″ Chef Knife


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The Pro Series features the same steel you know and love in our premium range, combined with a new, high impact silicone handle, ensuring you never lose your grip.

Perfect for commercial kitchens, home use, BBQs, camping, fishing or even light butchery. The modern, contemporary design makes it perfect for chefs and home cooks alike.

About the 10″ Chef Knife

With its 10” blade, this knife is larger and heavier than most and features a nice deep heel for better utility. It’s also very versatile; chopping, slicing, dicing and scooping, this knife will make light work of any kitchen task.

It’ll tackle large joints of meat with ease, as well as featuring a slightly curved blade that lets you slice herbs or vegetables with a smooth and consistent rocking motion. A great all-rounder for those who enjoy preparing a diverse array of dishes.