Flint & Flame Fish Lover’s Set


The Flint & Flame Fish Lover's Set includes: 7" Fillet Knife - Wi... full description ›

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The Flint & Flame Fish Lover’s Set includes:

7″ Fillet Knife With a fine, flexible blade it’s fantastic for gutting and filleting any type of fresh fish. The flexibility blade also gives you leverage to perform very fine slices, making the painstaking job of preparing smoked salmon a breeze.

6″ Deba Knife – The Deba knife is used for preparing fish and with a super strong blade, it can break through fish bones with ease while maintaining a keen sharp cutting edge. Also ideal for fish steaks and fillets.

Fish Bone Tweezers – Let battling to remove fish bones be a thing of the past. These strong Stainless Steel tweezers are perfect for removing fish bones without tearing the flesh. Enjoy your favourite fish dishes without any hidden surprises.

Handheld Sharpener – With ceramic discs set to 18°, this handy tool makes it easy to maintain the razor-sharp edge that Flint & Flame knives are renowned for.

Please note: Each knife is supplied in a separate gift box.

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