Flint & Flame 3 Piece Chef Set in Wooden Gift Box

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An elegant set of 3 must-have knives, comprising of the 8” Chef knife ... full description ›

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An elegant set of 3 must-have knives, comprising of the 8” Chef knife and 6″ Santoku knife, for general chopping, slicing and dicing; as well as the smaller 3.5” Paring knife for lighter and more delicate tasks.

A fantastic all-round package suitable for a chef of any calibre.

8” Chef Knife

A traditional chef knife that is both versatile and reliable. It’ll make quick work of any chopping, slicing or dicing and is designed with a curved blade so that it you can generate a rocking momentum for swift and accurate cutting.

6” Santoku Knife

This knife is designed to be light and swift. You can chop using the entire length of the blade due to its flatter design, with a razor-sharp heel this will is ideal for finely slicing ginger, spring onions and herbs.

It features a wide blade making scooping or crushing a joy. Its bevelled edge prevents food sticking to the blade and hindering your next chop.

3.5” Paring Knife

A very useful vegetable knife and a must for every kitchen. Being a short blade, it is perfectly designed for peeling your potatoes, stringing your runner beans and tailing your sprouts.

This set comes in an elegant wooden gift box, making it a great gift for a loved-one. If you’re looking for a small set to deck out your new kitchen with then look no further, there aren’t many tasks you’ll be faced with in the kitchen that one of these 3 knives can’t handle with ease.

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