Flint & Flame BBQ Knife Set


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The Flint & Flame BBQ Knife Set One includes:

8″ Cleaver – This traditional Cleaver design will make light work of any joint of meat or tough root vegetable. The 8” blade is very deep, making it very safe to use when chopping and a great way to crush garlic or ginger. It features a sharp point that can be used for scoring joints of meat and poultry.

6″ Nakiri Knife – The Nakiri may look like a mini meat cleaver, but it’s really a vegetable knife! The straight blade of the Nakiri allows you to cut all the way down to the chopping board, without the need for pulling or pushing. It’s thin blade allows you to achieve a smooth, clean cut through any vegetable you like making it perfect for French cuts such as Julienne or Batonnet.

5″ Utility Knife – A great, light slicer; this blade is both diverse and very easy to use. Its sharp point is perfect for piercing and intricate scoring. Whether you’re using this knife for refined garnishing, segmenting an orange or simply cutting into a nice juicy steak, this knife is a great all-rounder.

Please note: Each knife is supplied in a separate gift box.