Learn BBQ Knife Skills with Flint & Flame…

With the good weather finally putting in an appearance, and BBQs all over the country being dusted down and made ready, we thought it would a great idea to help you with some valuable knife skills.

In this video, Chef Simon Marshall shows you how to 8 piece a chicken using the Flint & Flame 8″ Chef Knife and the 6″ Boning Knife.

Buying a chicken whole and then piecing it out this way means it’s much better value, it’s quicker to cook individual pieces and it’s more versatile.

Perfect for your next BBQ – especially when combined with your favourite marinade!

How to 8 Piece a Chicken…

If you found this video useful, and you’d like to know more about Flint & Flame knives, what they’re great for and how to use them, why not check out some of our Knife Focus videos?

Happy cooking!

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