Knife Focus – The 10″ Ham Slicer…

In this Knife Focus we’ll be taking a closer look at one of our specialist knives, that’s actually far more versatile than you think – the 10″ Ham Slicer.

As it’s name suggests, this fantastic knife is perfect for cutting nice, even cuts of ham with minimal effort thanks to it’s flexible steel.

And with it’s scalloped blade, there’s no sticking which means each slice falls cleanly away from the knife, helping make slicing quick and easy.

What Else Does it Do?

The 10″ Ham Slicer really is so versatile that it will happily tackle a wide range of other meat slicing tasks – roast joints, brisket, game, gammon – pretty much anything you need to slice, it’ll take care of it for you.

It’s even great for levelling and layering cakes, as well as tidying up icing!

The secret to its ability to handle such a diverse range of jobs is it’s length, providing a long clean, slicing action that’s ideal for larger items.

The sculpted blade also means that nothing gets stuck on your knife as you’re using it – essential for slicing up your Christmas Turkey!

Our Team Love Using it Too…

Peter Guimaraens, Co-founder

“Slicing any type of meat is made so easy with this knife. It’s perfectly balanced making it comfortable to use and simple to get nice even cuts of meat.

What Makes the 10″ Ham Slicer so Good?

Zero Pressure Point (ZPP) technology – our unique Zero Pressure Point handle is designed to eliminate the risk of calluses forming after prolonged use, this is a real must for home and professional Chefs alike.

Centre Point Balance (CPB) – the beautifully contoured ergonomically designed handle incorporates our unique Centre Point Balance technology. With the weight of the knife balanced at the central point, you get excellent control and precision.

Ergonomic Handle – the rounded handle fills your hand with a comfortable grip. As the knife fits snugly into your hand (with no pressure points) it eliminates the fatigue and discomfort common with so many knives on the market today.

If your kitchen is in need of a versatile knife like the 10″ Ham Slicer, you can buy one at your discounted Gold Member pricing by logging into your account using your normal details and then visiting our shop.

Happy cooking!

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