Knife Focus – 20 Piece Classic Set

If you have a passion for food and love cooking for friends and family, you’ll appreciate having the right knives for the job and how enjoyable they make your time in the kitchen.

So when it comes to selecting a comprehensive set that not only provides you with every knife you’ll ever need, but will also last you a lifetime, there’s just one that stands out – the truly beautiful Flint & Flame 20 Piece Classic Set.

Hear what Chef Simon Marshall has to say about the Flint & Flame 20 Piece Classic Set…

What’s included?

The Flint & Flame 20 Piece Classic Set comes with a comprehensive range of knives including: 

  • 9-inch Carving Knife & Carving Fork
    Slightly larger than most it will tackle all types of joints, roasted poultry, fowl and even a hog roast. The larger blade means less sawing and less scoring on your topside joint as you slice it.
  • 8-inch Bread Knife
    This bread knife uses a rolling serration, or scalloped blade, which gives you a cut instead of a tear. The unusual shape is to give you more knuckle clearance, making it easier to finish slicing the bread.
  • 8-inch Santoku Knife
    The bigger brother of the 6” Santoku is better suited for your large cabbages or swedes and squashes. Having a longer blade means you saw at your food less, less strokes = less work. A great all-rounder.
  • 7-inch Asian Cleaver
    A hybrid knife, it’s a Santoku/Cleaver combined. It has a very deep blade making it very safe to use and it has a lovely sharp point for scoring your duck or pork. A fantastic chopper, slicer and dicer.
  • 7-inch Fillet Knife
    Its fine and flexible blade makes it fantastic for gutting and filleting any type of fresh fish. With its flexibility it also gives you leverage to make super fine slices so smoked salmon is no longer a painstaking job.
  • 6-inch Santoku Knife
    This knife is light and swift and you can chop the whole length of the blade due to its flatter design. Its wide blade makes scooping or crushing a joy and its bevelled edge stops food sticking.
  • 5-inch Cheese Knife
    Cheese Connoisseurs will appreciate this knife’s double sided serrations; it gives even slices and the desired thickness even on the hardest cheese.
  • 5-inch Steak Knives (Set of eight)
    A set of exquisite Steak Knives which will add a distinctive look to your home dinner table. Tucking into your favourite cooked meats has never been easier than with this set.
  • 3.5” Paring Knife
    A very useful vegetable knife and a must for every kitchen, being a short blade it is perfectly designed for peeling your potatoes, stringing your runner beans and ideal for tailing your sprouts.
  • Honing Steel
    The perfect accompaniment for keeping your knives impeccable and always ready to use. Re-align your blades with precision with this Honing Steel.
  • 2 Piece Bamboo Knife Block
    This stylish looking knife block is fantastic for storing your knives. Comprising of two tiers enabling you to show off this wonderful collection of Knives – a great look for any kitchen.

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