Knife Focus – 6″ Santoku

Our Most Popular Knife…

The 6″ Santoku Knife is our most popular knife by far and there’s a very good reason for that.

First off, it’s a nice, swift blade that’s not overly heavy or too cumbersome to use easily.

Second, it’s very versatile and will be very happy tackling most jobs in the kitchen, from crushing, chopping and slicing, to dicing and picking things up.

Finally, the fluting in the blade prevents a vacuum of air as you’re chopping, which means that nothing sticks to the blade and you don’t have to constantly stop to wipe the blade.

What Else Makes the 6″ Santoku Knife so Good?

German Steel – the high quality blade is made with X50CrMoV15 German Steel. This steel takes and holds a long lasting ‘edge’ which means that your knife remains highly durable for years’ of use.

Ergonomic Handle – the rounded handle fills your hand with a comfortable grip. As the knife fits snugly into your hand (with no pressure points) it eliminates the fatigue and discomfort common with so many knives on the market today.

Centre Point Balance (CPB) – the beautifully contoured ergonomically designed handle incorporates our unique Centre Point Balance technology. With the weight of the knife balanced at the central point, you get excellent control and precision.

Our Team Love Using it Too…

“My favourite knife is the 6″ Santoku – I use it for all meal preparation.

From slicing and trimming meat; slicing and chopping vegetables and salad to finely chopping garlic and chilli, it’s just so good I use it in virtually all of my recipes.”

Julie Martin, Office Manager

If you’re looking for an easy to use knife that’s perfect for all your kitchen tasks, you can buy the 6″ Santoku Knife at your discounted Gold Member pricing by logging into your account using your normal details and then visiting our shop.

Happy cooking!

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