Flint & Flame Game Larder Collection with Magnetic Knife Block


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To support the launch of his book ‘Venison: The Game Larder’, we have worked with Chef Jose Souto to put together the exclusive ‘Game Larder Collection’.

This set is ideal for anyone who wants to prepare and cook game of any kind, whether it be rabbit and poultry or larger animals like deer.

The set comprises of:

8” Chef Knife

A traditional chef knife that is both versatile and reliable. It’ll make quick work of any chopping, slicing or dicing and is designed with a curved blade so that it you can generate a rocking momentum for swift and accurate cutting.

7” Fillet Knife

Its fine and flexible blade makes it fantastic for gutting and filleting any type of fresh fish. With its flexibility, it also gives you leverage to perform very fine slices, making the painstaking job of preparing smoked salmon a breeze.

6” Boning Knife

Boning a joint of meat is easier than you think, especially with the right tool. This knife makes boning meat a hassle-free and rewarding process, with a short, curved blade that makes working around a bone very easy. You’ll save a lot of money by buying the same quality meat at a cheaper price and boning it yourself at home! A 10-minute job will see you with the same amount of meat but for a fraction of the price.

3.5” Paring Knife

A very useful vegetable knife and a must for every kitchen. Being a short blade, it is perfectly designed for peeling your potatoes, stringing your runner beans and tailing your sprouts.

3” Folding Knife

An absolute essential for any hunter or game-chef, this traditional-style single locking blade is made of our high-carbon stainless steel, ensuring its reliability and strength for years to come.

Safe and easy storage…

This set comes with a magnetic knife block. A universal storage option that allows you to safely display your stunning knives whilst protecting the blades. Made from anti-bacterial bamboo with an acrylic casing, coming together to create a stylish and practical design.

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