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When it comes to Christmas food it’s the roasts that take centre stage, whether it’s a classic butter-basted Turkey; a honey-glazed Ham; or an alternative joint such as Lamb, Duck or Beef.

So if there’s one Flint & Flame Knife Set that is a huge part of Christmas, it’s the Flint & Flame 2 Piece Carving Set.

Available in a stunning wooden presentation box, or our standard gift box, this beautiful set makes the perfect Christmas gift, or simply a timely addition to your own collection.

Let’s Take a Closer Look…

This stunning 2 piece set includes the Flint & Flame 9″ Carving Knife and the Flint & Flame Carving Fork and will ensure that when it comes to carving your Christmas roast, you’ll be ready to handle it like a pro!

Flint & Flame 9-inch Carving Knife

Slightly larger than most, it will tackle all types of joints, roasted poultry, fowl and even a hog roast. The larger blade means less sawing and less scoring on your topside joint as you carve. The end result is even slices that fall away from the joint easily and professionally

Flint & Flame Carving Fork

The key to effortless carving is a stable joint of meat that allows the knife to do it’s work without excess movement. With it’s very long tines, and ergonomic handle, this fork will help you get a secure hold on even the largest of roasts making carving a pleasure.

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