Knife Focus – 7″ Fillet Knife

Being extremely healthy, very versatile, quick to cook and easy to prepare, fish is a favourite of many top chefs.

And, with an ever increasing variety of fish available from fishmongers and supermarkets, there’s never been a better time to enjoy cooking with fish and trying out new recipes.

However, to properly prepare whole fish, you’ll need a good knife. That’s where the Flint & Flame 7″ Fillet Knife is the perfect knife for the job…

Precision Meets Perfect Design

The 7″ Fillet Knife has a lovely flex to it, a bit more leverage so you can get nice and close to the bone and get more of the meat off.

But being a very fine blade, it’s also great for smoked salmon, and even parmesan.

Very much like the 6” Boning Knife it’s also a money saver. Buy a whole piece of fish, fillet it yourself, and get more for less.

Here’s Chef Simon Marshall to show you how to use the 7″ Fillet Knife…

If you’d like to see more of the 7″ Fillet Knife and how it should be used, head over to our website and check out our Fish Filleting video.

What Else Makes the 7″ Fillet Knife so Good?

  • Zero Pressure Point (ZPP) technology – our unique Zero Pressure Point handle is designed to eliminate the risk of calluses forming after prolonged use, this is a real must for home and professional Chefs alike.
  • Centre Point Balance (CPB) – the beautifully contoured ergonomically designed handle incorporates our unique Centre Point Balance technology. With the weight of the knife balanced at the central point, you get excellent control and precision.
  • Ergonomic Handle – the rounded handle fills your hand with a comfortable grip. As the knife fits snugly into your hand (with no pressure points) it eliminates the fatigue and discomfort common with so many knives on the market today.

Our team love using it too…

The 7″ Fillet Knife is just fantastic. It’s one of those knives you’ll love as it’s so easy to use and provides great results time after time. Whenever I’m working with fish, this knife makes me feel like a pro, helping me get perfect fillets without any hassle and without leaving too much on the bone.”
Susie Marshall, Sales & Marketing

Click here to view the 7″ Fillet Knife in our online shop.

Happy cooking!

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