Knife Focus – 7″ Asian Cleaver

To start our Knife Focus blog series, let’s look at the 7″ Asian Cleaver.

Chopping, Mincing and Scooping

The 7″ Asian Cleaver really excels as a great all-round knife for everything from meat, fruit and vegetable prep, chopping and mincing herbs and spices.

The reason it’s so versatile is it has a really deep blade making it safe to use against your knuckles so your fingertips are out of the way and you have so much room to move the blade up and down, when chopping.

Finally, the large blade makes it very easy to scoop up the food you’re preparing, quickly transferring it to your cookware.

Here’s what Chef Josh Stanzl has to say about the 7″ Asian Cleaver and how to use it…

What Else Makes the 7″ Asian Cleaver so Great?

  • German Steel – the high quality blade is made with X50CrMoV15 German Steel. This steel takes and holds a long lasting ‘edge’ which means that your knife remains highly durable for years’ of use.
  • Razor Sharp Edge – the 7″ Asian Cleaver stays sharp for longer and requires minimal maintenance – you just sharpen it whenever required to maintain our famous razor sharp edge.
  • Sharp Heel – being able to sharpen the entire blade all the way back to the heel means you can keep the heel nice and sharp, which is great for mincing and finely chopping.

Our Team Love Using it Too…

“I love the 7” Asian cleaver because the curve of the blade is great for the rocking motion when chopping and mincing garlic and herbs.

The extra depth of the blade is great to scoop it all up too.”

Ian Mabbutt, Sales Support, Flint & Flame UK.

If you’re looking for a versatile all-rounder, purchase the 7″ Asian Cleaver at your discounted Gold Member pricing by logging into your account using your normal details and then visiting our shop.

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